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Based on our practice and experience, the most important sources of initial fraud signals in the company are:
whistle blowing, newly-appeared management or shareholders, and independent audit.
about us
We identify “red flags” on a targeted company or person, evaluate reputational risks, make conclusions and offer further steps to reduce risks to your enterprise.
Our main coverage areas: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Republic of Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the United Arab Emirates.
Our partners are located in the largest European, Asian and US cities, thus we can solve issues on any continent.
We provide Forensic services,
which consist of the following divisions:
Integrity Due Diligence
Background check
Asset search
Mass vendors’ screening
Conflict of Interest
Identification of potential counterparties
Third-Party Assessment
Support in Mergers &
Acquisition deals
Links with
politically-exposed persons, political risks
Sanctions on Russian individuals and businesses
Disclosure of sources of wealth
Internal investigations
Identification and prevention of fraudulent activities orchestrated by employees or suppliers
Audit of procurement department
Audit of accounts receivable (debtors)
and Compliance
Verification of Compliance with FCPA / UK Bribery Act
Litigation support
We have numerous informal contacts among officials and business circles in Russia snd the CIS. It is necessary for the purpose to obtain independent and objective opinion about the targeted entity or individual.
Our cases
Our major clients are well-known international firms and corporations operating
in consulting, banking, telecom, retail, oil and gas, and construction business sectors.
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Disclosure of fraudulent schemes involving suppliers
A Swedish construction company asked us to check its subsidiary “Entity 1” based in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). The client had suspected that the regional director of Entity 1 used fraudulent schemes with the involvement of their suppliers.

Our investigation revealed that the regional director had signed several agreements for car rental services with two counterparties three weeks after he started in his new post. We found that both counterparties had a number of red flags, such as affiliation with an individual who has a controversial reputation, the absence of their own fleet of vehicles, a very recent incorporation date. Our analysis revealed that the regional director had signed numerous fictitious orders for car rental services and embezzled USD 250,000 in the last four years.
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